ETSI Choosing ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja
Campus Life Our campus location, size (landmass to student’s population)
Spiritual Life We are determined to uphold the core Christian values
Recreation and Sport We encourage sporting activities

Welcome to ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja (ETSI)

For more than seventy years, ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja (ETSI) has been making a difference in students’ lives and ministerial career pathways.
For those considering getting into ministry, for people who want to be better equipped for the ministry, for people seeking theological studies that will take them to new and exciting places, studying at ETSI is a gateway to new possibilities.

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A Brief History of ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja (ETSI)

The ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja (ETSI) was established in 1941 by Rev. Dr. William G. Crouch, an American Missionary from California, who came to Nigeria on the platform of the Sudan Interior Mission (now Serving In Mission, [SIM]). The Institution is wholly owned and operated by Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA). It is located in Igbaja, Kwara State, Nigeria.

Why Choose ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja (ETSI) ?

From its beginning in 1941, ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja (ETSI) has been centered on building generations of Pastors, Christian Educators, Missionaries and Christian leaders. Adhering to this vision enables the students of ETSI to tackle real world challenges within a Christian framework while making innovative contributions to the communities in which they live and serve. ETSI prepares its graduates with the necessary qualities, knowledge and problem- solving skills that ensure they stand tall among peers in the ministry.


Our campus location, size (landmass to student’s population) and smaller student body makes getting to know other students and staff so much easier – ensuring you don’t feel alone for very long! Attending ETSI is not just about attending lectures as we do have students from various part of Nigeria and some other African countries; we also provide enabling environment to enhance your experience and help you to achieve your study goals. It is a big family affair.


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Studying at ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja (ETSI)

Spiritual Life

We are determined to uphold the core Christian values and lead students by such values and standards. The Seminary Chapel programmes range from daily worship, Sunday service and bible study meetings. Students are scheduled to minister and share their field experience for better and in-house practice of the ministry. Our Children and Teenager Churches are well supervised just in case you have children and wards. Women Bible School is also available for married students’ spouses who wish to stay with their husband in the course of study in ETSI.


The school has well equipped library, top notched hostel facilities and wi-fi internet facilities around the campus for easy learning. In addition, the school main power generating set provides energy during public power outage. Portable water is provided in all hostels and lecture rooms areas. There is also adequate security system in place to safeguard life and properties.

Recreation and Sport

We encourage sporting activities as a way of keeping fit such as football, basketball, volleyball, badminton and table tennis.